We are a specialist in contemporary art and a veterinarian, who found Pepa, our dog, in March 2015. She had been abandoned in the parking lot of our block of flats and we immediately decided to adopt her. Gradually, we realized how hard it was to find accessories for Pepa that suited our taste and lifestyle. 

In 2017, we launched The Painter’s Wife, a project dedicated to lifestyle for pets and their owners. With an eclectic, contemporary, fresh approach, aligned with our back-ground, TPW brings to a dog ́s lifestyle the needs and life philosophy of today’s dog owners. 


Man’s best friend has a privileged position in our lives and homes. As dog people, we love to be accompanied by our dog wherever we go because we enjoy her company. It doesn’t matter if we live in the city or the countryside, we share habits and lifestyles. 

More than just clothing, nowadays, home wear, traveling and outerwear goods are must-haves both for dogs and owners. 


Our project’s name is in homage to all the brilliant women hidden behind talented artists, many of whom were also artists. XXth Century Art History has shown us that dogs are creative minds’ loyal partners, some of them are famous artists, but others are still to be discovered. 

At TPW we believe that maybe not all of us have an artist inside, but we are sure that all animal lovers are as talented as our loyal companion is. 


1. Committed to our pet.

We work because our items, made with the finest quality materials, are functional and comfortable for the animal, respecting their needs and those of their owners. 

2. Committed to our social environment. 

Pepa is our inspiration. Since the day we adopted her, we’ve got back from her all the love we have given her. That is why at TPW we support projects and initiatives for animals’ integration and welfare. We donate part of the proceeds of our walk collection, Sonia, to Yaracan, a local association that develops dog-assisted intervention programs for children and the elderly.

3. Committed to our spirit.

Companion of brilliant minds, the dog has had an important role in the lives of important characters and artists who inspire us and who are part of TPW’s DNA. 

4. Committed to local production.

Founded in the northwest corner of Spain, on the Atlantic Ocean coastline, TPW works with suppliers and local artisans to develop a km0 sustainable and environmentally responsible production. 

5. Committed to sustainability.

At The Painter’s Wife we are #MORETHANDOGS. We care for our dogs whilst caring for our planet.         Our long-lasting products show our commitment to sustainable fashion and make our personal contribution to climate protection. Our commitment begins with GREEN PAW, a project that focuses on sustainability in three main areas: Planet, Product and Community.